Baby Luke: One Month

So technically baby Luke is almost 6 weeks old...but, I am now just getting to blog about his one month stats and little somethings.

FYI: I know that most of you aren't super interested, but I have a lot of family + friends that like little updates :) Plus, it helps me record it too--since I know that a traditional baby book or scrapbook is about as likely as me deciding to run a marathon...

So, here's the kid.

Yep. He's not thrilled about laying on his back. Obviously it's not his favorite.

Or sitting apparently.

Poor Luke hasn't been terribly photogenic so far ;) Or I haven't figured out his "happy time."

Stats, little somethings, and such:

  • He currently weighs between 11 and 12 lbs. Uffda!
  • He still hasn't smiled but he is getting close :)\
  • He loves, loves, loves standing. In fact, if he's upset, it's a great way to calm him down. He likes to bounce up and down on your legs.\
  • He doesn't sleep through the night, but he is sleeping for pretty good chunks of time (3 to 4 hours)
  • We started trying out cloth diapers (which I'll probably blog about eventually...) and he seems to like them. 
  • He grunts, coos, and screams :)
  • His blue eyes get me.
  • He loves to stay awake for about an hour or so after his middle-of-the-night feeding and just stares at me with those blue eyes. Even though I want to go back to sleep, I can't help but stare at him back and give him lots of smiles.
  • He tolerates tummy time. He is not a fan of laying on his back. Let's just say that the rock n' play has been our lifesaver. Or sleepsaver ;)
  • He loves to eat. A lot.
  • His hair is still fluffy and soft, and I love it.

One more pic just because he's cute...


  1. What a cutie-pie! That quilt is awesome :)

  2. You are so very blessed, he is adorable take in all you can now ,they seem to grow up overnight.

  3. SO cute!! (and we do care - blog on Mama!)


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