Mushiness, sappiness, and love oh my!

Last year, I created and shared some simple worksheets that were intended to spark a little romance, ignite a bit of sappiness, and give you guys an excuse to have a night of pure cheesiness and fun with your significant other.

But, at the time, Josh and I hadn't actually done them. So, this summer (you know, 6 months later), we sat down during a night away without Luke, and filled them out.

And, you guys...

We had SO much fun (and laughed SO hard)--plus the level of cheesiness and sappiness was pretty much on par with our first few months of dating ;) And that level is pretty high!

So, I'm including the link for you if you want to have a little Valentine's day or date night activity. I'm tempted to do it all over because I'm pretty sure we'd have just as much fun the second time around :)

Click here to download the FREE packet. 

Ps. take 20% off in the shop with the code MUSHY20 until next Sunday (2/15). This new poster print  is simple and perfect for easy Valentine's Day decor (there is also a file for the 8x10 white version if a poster print is too big!)

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