February Goals

ps. this picture is such a tease because there will be absolutely no beaches for me in February--but it does make me forget that it's chilly for just a few moments ;)

Is it really, actually February?

Goodness! I guess when you are busy traveling for 2 weeks it helps time fly :) ps. I'm excited to share more about that later this week!

So, let's start with how well I did in January:

Make some freezer meals for Josh. Did this! Super easy to do and something I want to continue to do.

Learn some basic Creole words/phrases. Um. I learned a few things, but I didn't really use it so much. But, it was definitely fun to learn a teeny, tiny bit and recognize words here and there.

Decide on countertops. I would say that we are at about a 75% with a final decision. This week we hope to visit a local granite place and see if they have a slab we like. If they do, we'll be getting countertops installed soon!

Finish our pantry. Josh worked a lot on this while I was away. It's not completely finished, but it's pretty close. Yay!

So, here are a few goals for February:

Start Fika with friends. My sister hosted a weekly Fika (which is a Swedish tradition and basically a coffee break) and I wanted to incorporate that into my life here. I'd love for it to go weekly, but I'm hoping to host it twice a month for now :)

Paint bathroom vanity. Since a bathroom renovation is not likely in the future, I want to freshen up the space with good 'ole paint. Right now, the vanity is white and dingy--you'll just have to wait and see what color I paint it :)

Design 3-5 new poster prints. Lately, I've had a lot of new ideas for poster prints, so it's time to create them. I really love how much impact (for such a small price) poster prints have, so I definitely want to include more of them in the shop.

Do five Pilates or barre workouts per week. I really love how easy it it to incorporate these workouts into my day (even with a busy toddler) and also how much they help freshen up my day (plus, it wouldn't hurt to tone up a little, right?)

Do a Valentine's Day craft/activity with Luke. I'm not super great at doing activities with Luke, but since he is almost 2 (what?!), I want to start doing more intentional arts/activities/etc with him. Any creatives out there with simple and fun ideas?

How about you? What goals do you have for February?

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  1. Fun goals! And that's exciting about the countertops!! :) For toddler activities, my friend Tracy has a bunch on her blog, and she talks about the developmental/learning steps involved in each: https://whimsyinlove.wordpress.com/


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