Throwback Thursday {House Edition}

So, this may be the world's most boring before and after ever. But, that's okay. I have some plans for prettying up the full bath without spending a lot of money, so for now it's just sitting and waiting for a little makeover.

Here is what the bathroom looked like when we bought it:

Here it is now (again, sorry for the grainy photos! I actually took pictures with our nice camera and they disappeared into the thin air...):

What we've done:

  • removed shower door (and all the glue!)
  • scrubbed it down
  • attempted to clean the grout (and failed. Any tips for getting grout white again?)
  • put up shower curtain and called it a day
  • replaced cabinet hardware

Some plans I have include getting rid of one of the two mirrors, hanging artwork, perhaps painting the vanity, and doing something with the lighting. We are possibility going to renovate in the future, so the goal is to pretty it up without spending a lot.

What would you do with bitty blue tiles and a dated vanity?

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