What Luke is Getting Under the Tree aka How to Make Buying Gifts Simpler

Yesterday I shared one of the gifts that Luke is getting under the tree (cute little bear book tote), so I thought I'd share what else we are getting him.

Even though we only have one child, Christmas-time seems already a little overwhelming with all the choices for gifts to buy for Luke and others. So, in order to keep it simple, we decided to only have four gifts under the tree for him.

I've seen the "four gift" idea around online (here for example) and really liked it. One, it helps you narrow down  choices. Second, it eliminates the need for us to feel like we need to buy him more. Third, I think it helps promote more thoughtfulness about what you are giving.

Bottom-line: it simplifies the whole process. For me, that's the key :)

Typically, the four gifts are something to wear, something they want, something to read, and something they need.

We changed it to this (because, why not?):

I like the handmade gift in there because it will encourage us to purchase or create something for our child (and hopefully future children) that is unique, one-of-a-kind, and made with love. Of course, we'll probably change it up as kids get older and such :)

So, here's what Luke is getting under the tree this year:

To wear: WildlyCo Perfect T. So excited to support this new ethical clothing line for kiddos. I love this color too :)
To read: The Jesus Storybook Bible--looking forward to bedtime reading with this book.
For Play: Little Tikes mower. He loves to push things, make noises, and watch his daddy mow--so we think he'll love this!
Handmade: Little Bear Book Tote. We'll have to take this along for library visits and playdates. I'm also quite certain that he'll haul around all his play cars inside too :)

What do you think about the four gift idea? Like it? Hate it?
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  1. I'm so excited to get my Wildly Co. clothes for my girl's Christmas!! That color is fabulous! And I love the "something handmade" too, very nice addition! I need to get my hands on that bible... :)

  2. This is the second time today that I've heard of the limited number of gifts idea, and I think it's great! We grew up in a household of abundant gifts, and while that was a blessing, it definitely set some expectations that were unnecessary. It also has me thinking that I, too, need to have plenty of presents under the tree when I one day have kids. I love the idea of a fixed amount, each with specific purpose.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


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