November Goals

It's goal time! Even though it was nice to take a few days off of writing after the 31 Days series, it does feel good to be back and blogging at a more normal pace :)

So, let's look at October's goals:

Write my 31 Days of Believing Beautiful series. Did it! Whoooooohooo. You can take a peek at the series' landing page here. 

Do ab/Core strength exercises each day. Um. I did fine for about 10 days and then lost my steam. Something I'm learning about myself in regard to exercise is that it has to be specific. For example, I should have chosen a specific exercise to do each day instead of an opened-ended "core exercises." Live and learn ;)

Now, for my November goals:

No "I am fat" talk. After spending a week writing about believing beautiful about my body, I realized that I really have to make it practical to help it stick. So, even if I feel or think I'm a little extra squishy that day, I'm not saying it. I am not going to whine to my husband about how fat I feel. Nope. Nope. Nope. 

Read at least one fun novel. I haven't read a book for a while, and it's high time that I do!

Get the guest room/office ready for visitors. My mom is coming later this month, so we need to get our guest space ready. Right now, it's a hot mess, so I'm excited to dedicate some time to making it guest and family-friendly :)

Blog at least twice a week. I really do have plenty to blog about, but I want to make it a priority to do. My blog is a digital memory-keeper of so many events in my life and record-keeper of so many thoughts/ideas as well. It's important to me to keep at it.

That's it!

What are your goals for November?

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  1. Seriously, great job completing your 31 days series! Just plain keeping the commitment is worth celebrating! And all that writing practice will really pay off! Tell me if you want any novel rec's from me - I've been on a fiction kick lately.


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