Weekend Snapshots

This weekend I (at the very last minute) decided to take a social media free weekend. No Facebook. No Instagram. No twitter.

Honestly, I'm so thankful I did! Since taking pictures for the day in the life post, I've wanted to drag out the DSLR and snap some more everyday pictures. So, this weekend, instead of taking mostly iPhone photos, I used the camera that I'm still learning to operate even though I've used it for years ;)

This weekend wasn't anything special--just the usual. It was filled with stacked up dishes, cleaning, laundry, baby boy shoveling food into his face, risotto, coffee in bed, grocery shopping, baby baths, brownie making, football, and a sneaky pup.

In no particular order, here are some favorite snapshots from this weekend (ps. the ones at the end are from a little photo shoot we did to enter into the Just Love Coffee contest. You'll have to click here to see the one we used (then click into the photo contest tab)! It's pretty cute :) You can vote too...or even submit your own photo! Did I mention that we'll get free coffee for a year if we win?!) Also, this post has a ridiculous amount of pictures of Luke :)

Again, if you want to vote, you can click here and then click the photo contest tab to vote :)

Happy Monday :) 

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