Wonderment + What you Don't See

The holiday season has been especially sweet with the addition of little Luke. I know that he doesn't know what is going on, but that's okay! I loved watching family adore him at Thanksgiving (even though he boycotted his nap all afternoon and was kinda a crabby mess!). We've also been dancing to Christmas music, wearing cozy Christmas jammies, reading an advent devo while I nurse him in the morning, and touching and admiring the tree and all the sparkly lights.

We've also been able to sneak away for a family coffee date, take long afternoon naps (Luke, not me!), pick out a Christmas tree, decorate with the printables, pick out a Christmas tree, do a little baking, and wrap some gifts.

But what you don't see in these pictures?

A near meltdown (from me) about all the things to do (between Christmas, travel, graduation, gifts...etc) just before we went in and bought our tree. In fact, we almost went home because I was so emotional, overwhelmed, and had a sour attitude. But, thankfully, Josh and I sat for a few moments in the car and talked it through. Man, that guy has such patience with me!

Also, a house full of unwashed coffee mugs, crumbs on the floor (and dog hair!), a dirty bathroom, laundry in the dryer, and pieces of wrapping paper floating around. Today, I need to plough through and clean because we are having family pictures taken at home tomorrow. Although I'm not looking forward to cleaning, I think that having a clean house will help calm me. Do you feel extra overwhelmed if your home is messy?

There is also a little boy who has his first case of the sniffles (nothing major but still not fun) and has been a little extra tired and fussy.

Maybe your season is like this too? A season full of so much wonder, excitement, fun, and sweet times with family and friends. But also a season that knocks on your door with extra tasks on the to-do list along a sense of hurriedness to it all.

Does your wonderment get tangled up in the fullness and busyness of this season too? What do you do to quiet your heart?


  1. Ugh. I can totally relate. This week has been overwhelming and Maggie has a stuffy/runny nose (depending on the day). Hang in there and good luck cleaning. A sense of order calms me for sure, along with a good cup of hot tea!

  2. totally agreed! even as i type this, there's a messy kitchen behind me and laundry to be folded and put away. there's a long list of to-do's before the trip home comes in just a couple of days... trying to find peace and not lose my reason to celebrate this season!

  3. I'm reading this with my feet propped up on a pile of dirty laundry and powerpoint and lecture notes scattered around me. Student busy is definitely a different kind of busy from mommy-busy, but it's busy nonetheless! As a remedy, I try to sit somewhere I can see the sky for a few moments and just breathe, it's hard when it's so cold outside but when I can see outside myself and even outside of my current location into the heavens, it steadies me.

    Thanks for sharing! I always love your posts! :)

  4. Yes, my wonderment has gotten all tangled up with the many tasks of the season. I have cut out so many things {cards, treats to neighbors, a real tree, nearly all presents} that I feel like a grinch! I'm trying to figure out how to find peace and quiet without canceling the holidays completely!

    And yes, I feel much better with a clean, neat home. Much better. :)


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