In a few weeks, my younger sister, Jenna, is heading off to Haiti for a year to work with an organization called Children of the Promise. (You might have heard of them since two of my families of the month adopted children from there). I really support what this organization does and am excited that my sister will be working with them.

Let's me tell you a little about my sister.

She is fun, happy, sweet, thoughtful, + gorgeous. Not only that, but she has a heart to serve and loves Jesus. Could I tell you that I look up to my younger sister in so many ways?

Jenna will be working as the on-site coordinator for the Children of the Promise. She'll be the one who coordinates with and works with the groups who who come down to Haiti. She'll also be the social media person for them (she's awesome at this!). Honestly, these two roles couldn't be a better fit for her. I know that God is definitely going to use her skills and gifts so well there! I'm sure she'll also do lots of loving on the sweet, little babies that are there too :)

(um, could I also go and love on those little babies?)

But when you decide to serve overseas, you need to raise support. Jenna has been working hard to connect with people and create a support team--both for prayer and finances.

As her sister, I want to cheer her on in both of those areas. But, right now, we aren't in a place financially to write her a big, fat check. So, I decided that I would use some creativity + simple skills to help her raise some of her support.

Giving doesn't always have to look like a wad of cash--giving can be full of creativity, generosity of time, or thoughtful actions.

We've invested a little and hope that the investment comes back in full return plus more! Mostly, for me, it is an investment of time, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end.

I want my sister to leave for Haiti and know that she's got a team rallying behind her and encouraging her along the way.

So, what's the big idea?

On Monday, we are launching a pop-up shop called "Jenna Goes to Haiti." Jenna and I collaborated on the designs, but I'll be the one to manage orders and run the shop. She's got enough on her plate, so I'm happy to do this :)

The shop will be open for two weeks (mostly for my sanity) and all the proceeds will go towards supporting Jenna's year in Haiti. And, in return, also supporting Children of the Promise. 

If you want some sneak peeks of the products (you might have seen some of them in this post), be sure to follow me on Instagram (nicolejoelle) and look for the hashtag: #jennagoestohaiti

I'll be back on Monday to share all the details about the shop!

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