If we were having coffee...

...I would probably be drinking a half-empty cup of coffee that's already been reheated at least three times. Try as I might, I can't seem to get more than three or four good gulps before the baby or other things interrupt me. But, being interrupted by my giggling babe is worth all the reheated coffee in the world!

I'd tell you that I just took a power nap between writing that top paragraph and writing this one. Last night, Luke woke up in the middle of the night, soaked through + hungry. By the time I had fed him, cleaned him up, and put a new sheet on his bed, I was wide awake. It took me over an hour to get back to sleep. Plus, we went to bed kinda late. So, on days after nights that I didn't sleep well, I try to squeeze in a power nap!

I'd also tell you that I'm excited for all the women going to the Influence Conference this weekend. I loved last year and wish I, too, was headed on a plane. I'm reminded of last year when I was just 12 weeks pregnant with my little bean and how much life has changed since then.

To be really honest, I'm actually pretty bummed right now that I'm not going and was whining about it to my husband last night. I know that the decision to not go was the best decision for our family, but I just feel sad that I'm missing out. But, I'll definitely be watching the #influenceconf hashtag and doing lots of praying! And I'm already scheming of a way to get there next year :)

I'd let you know that my hands are tired of stitching onesies, but my heart is so full and thankful for all the sales + support for my sister's year in Haiti. The pop-up shop is officially closed, but I do have some extra inventory, so you may see some items pop up on Instagram in the future. We'll see :)

I'd smile and tell you that my sweet little one is such a joy--that I am amazed at how much I love him more and more each day. I'd also tell you that watching my husband be a father continues to grow my love for Josh. I absolutely can't wait to celebrate 5 years of marriage with him next week. Plus, he got his Aggie ring (whoop!), and I'm so proud of him!

Also, I might tell you that I am going to do the 31 Days with the Nester this year. I've thought about doing it other years, but it's never worked out. Last year, I was in a pregnancy-induced creative rut, and other years, I was just plain chicken. But! I already have a topic picked out, and I'll share it with you on Monday (I'm excited!).

Then, I'd tell you that my ebook is coming along. Although there are still (what seems like) a thousand pieces to put together, I'm just thankful for the motivation I've had so far. For me, it's mostly a personal goal to complete this project, but I do have some other little ideas that have already begun to sprout new dreams! In order not to completely overwhelm myself, I'm working on focusing, though, on just the first goal to avoid getting ahead of myself and giving up all-together.

Finally, I'd tell you that my house is a mess. And you know what, that's okay. As long as my new candle is lit, it feels a little better (and a more like fall instead of summer!). Ps. This candle from Target is definitely a new favorite!

How about you? What would you tell me?

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