I just typed that and now I feel a little like eating some chicken nuggets.

But. That's not the kind of nugget I'm talking about. I'm talking about little nuggets of wisdom that I brought home with me from the Influence Conference.

I learned, experienced, and felt a lot during the 3 days I spent in Indianapolis with a bunch of like-minded bloggers/ladies.

Honestly, I don't want to bombard this post with everything I learned. So, I'll just share some of the big stuff.

1). Do what makes your heart beat faster. Emily Freeman's talk squeezed my heart a bit--encouraging me to pursue and be confident in what quickens my pulse. I was created for it.

2). I can make new friends. I am definitely the kind of person that can truly enjoy two to three strong friendships and be totally fine without having 500 friends. Yet, there is also something so stretching and beautiful about extending myself out and making new friends.

3). I realized, after listening to Hayley Morgan, that I am also a project person. I like to have an end to what I am doing. This realization generated some new ideas for this blog and may change some of the ways I blog.

4). Most bloggers grow their blog intentionally. I realized that most big bloggers aren't accidental successes. It's okay to be successful, and it's okay to see your blog as a business.

5). Since some stuff in our life will be transitioning soon (I'll share about that soon!), this blog may be a way to generate some part-time income for our family. I learned many practical ways to start using this blog as a way to earn a little extra--without sacrificing the content or voice of my blog :)

6). My blog has purpose. The words I write on this page have influence--not because I have lots of insight and wisdom but because Christ can use my words to share His work in me.

7). I need to make goals. Sustainable and measurable goals.

8). When I'm put in new situations with new people, I always learn new things about myself. Sometimes I see parts of myself that make me a little uncomfortable--parts of me I don't like. For example, I'm chatty. And sometimes, I realize too late, that I've run the conversation over with my words. Even though there is grace in this, it reminds me to listen. To hear their story. I'm practicing, and with God's grace, I'm learning to be a better listener :)

9). My hubby is a stud, and I miss him when I'm gone.

10). If I fly stand-by at 7am and don't make the flight, I will cry in the bathroom for 10 minutes. Yep. Apparently when you have 3 hours of sleep and not enough coffee, big fat tears will appear when you realize you won't get home by noon :)

(ps. I was having so much fun, I forgot to take many pictures. Oops!)


  1. These are great, Nicole! I resonate with #3 and 4 and I'm so encouraged by reading all the great things everyone has to say about this conference.

  2. "It's okay to be successful." I might have to add that to MY list of #influenceconf takeaways.

    Glad you were there & that you had a wonderful time in more ways that one. And glad you have a studly husband. :)

  3. DARN. Now I want some chicken nuggets too. Having a good man behind us makes it SO much better too!!! ;)

  4. It was so great to meet you! You are such a sweet lady!

  5. Love this post. Especially what you said about remembering what the purpose of your blog is -- so important!


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