The Red Chair + Shopping at Home

When Josh and I first got married + had no furniture (apart from a mattress set), we headed out for a day of garage sales and deals.

We bought one thing: the red chair.

At the time, red was totally up my alley. Plus, this chair was 800.00 retails (yikes!) and we swiped it for $75 bucks.

The red chair has gone with us everywhere we've been...see all the places it has been:

Now, I'm not such a fan of the red chair. But, we'll likely be moving + selling a bunch of our stuff (red chair included) at the end of this year, so I don't want to bother to replace it. When we move, we hope to sell most of our furniture and start fresh :)

The other day while nursing (the "red chair corner" is often my view!), I realized that I was not happy with that area. It just irked me. I loved the sign, but it just wasn't working there.

See what I mean?

Since we have literally zero money in the decorating department (even if we did, I always like to see what I can use at home first), I shopped the house.

I found some extra frames (which I filled with some DIY artwork), a vintage quilt that Josh's grandma gave me (I was always drooling over it!), the chalkboard from the kitchen, a hoop that I embroidered and couldn't part with, and a cardboard "J."

Now, the red chair isn't so "HELLLLLLOOOOO, I'M A RED CHAIR" and it blends a little better. Instead of just getting something new, I worked with it. Finally, I feel like that little corner is happier + cheerful. It's definitely more of my style :)

(ps. I couldn't get a good photo without the reflections...oh, well!)

Someday I'll say adios to the red chair (ps. I don't have anything against red chairs, but I'm much more a neutral-colored furniture kinda gal. I like neutral because it allows me to switch things up!), but until then, I'll enjoy this little corner :)

Do you have a spot in your home that is "blah" or not working? I'd encourage you to shop around your house and see what a little resourcefulness + creativity can do! You might be surprised :)

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