{Nesting} Repurposed and Hand-painted Artwork

Although I haven't been doing too much cleaning (although I do have some I-must-scrub-this moments), I have been in ultra creating and making mode. The nesting has begun! (thank goodness!)

(ps. I'm currently working on the furniture for the nursery and am super excited about it!)


The other night, I was going through some stuff in the nursery (aka the room of misplaced decor and junk!) and decided to do something with a sign my mom gave me (sorry, mom) when we first got married. Even though I still liked the sign, we haven't had a place for it for almost two years. So, it was either sell it, donate it, or repurpose it. Since we are on a tight budget, I thought it was better to use what we have than go get something new.

There's been a space above our red chair in the living begging to be filled (it had been empty since the Christmas stockings came down). I thought I could use this sign to help give that wall a little life :)

I had a few different ideas, but I decided I wanted something bold and encouraging. So, this sign was born!

It started with painting over the old sign. Gulp.

I then chose the words/font/design I wanted and made it big! I printed the letters/words on card-stock and cut out each letter.

Yes. It was tedious, but I kept occupied with episodes of "The West Wing." I've generally used this method for painting my signs, but I wanted to try out a different way this time around. 

Once the paint was dry and the letters cut, I arranged them on the sign. Taped. Traced. And painted.

I hung it and now enjoy a happy piece of DIY artwork. This wall still needs something...any ideas?

It's not perfect (I should have done another layer of paint on the letters...but I was impatient!), but I love it's message, pop of color, and that it's one of kind.

But, if you would be interested in having a sign like this in your home, I might be convinced to make another...e-mail me and we can talk details :)

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  1. Turned out so cute! I think a pennant banner would be darling hanging above the sign at an angle!


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