The Influence Network: Oh, Hello :)

I haven't talked too much about the Influence Network here on the blog, but I think it's high time I do!

Last fall, I attended the Influence Conference and met so many wonderful ladies, learned a great many things about blogging, and discovered how an online community can translate into real, in-life support and friendship :) In January, they launched the Influence Network, and it took me about 5 minutes to sign up! So far, I'm loving all the classes I've taken, learned a lot from the forums, and have "met" lots of cool, blogger ladies!

Today, they are doing an "Introduce Yourself" link-up, and I thought it would be fun to join :)

Even if you're not part of the network, it's always fun to learn just a bit more about someone!

Here we go:

Me. Josh took this photo on the day we found out we were pregnant :)

Three things about me:

1.) I've always loved to write. In fact, I began my first novel when I was 16. It included a crazy lady in the woods, a murdered slave, a private investigator, a sappy private investigator's assistant, a setting in the South (where I had never been at that point in my life), and lots of very unrealistic situations. I never did finish it, and it was the first of many stories I started but never finished. However, I would love to write + publish a book someday :)

2.) I can resist sugar, but I don't have self-control when it comes to salty things.'re good and I love you, but I can ignore you. your back! You'll last about five minutes in my pantry. This is why I rarely buy salty snacks :) I know my weaknesses!

3.) I'm a total homebody. I immediately get into comfy clothes when I get home, and once I'm home, I don't like going back out. At the same time, I'm trying to do better at getting out, spending more time with people, and being a little more spontaneous!

A valuable thing (or some things...) I've gained from the Influence Network:

Ask questions. Don't be afraid of change (hence blog name change!). And this online community is powerful, encouraging, life-giving, and Jesus-loving!

If you're a blogger and want to get connected with a group of ladies who share your passion, faith, and heart, the Influence Network may be a place to start :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. We have a lot in common...I'm a home body too :) and I love that the pic was taken the day you found out you were pregnant!

  2. I am a home body too :) Beautiful picture of you! Nice to meet you :)

  3. That picture of you is wonderful! You can already see the pregnancy glow there.

  4. Yeah I'm a homebody Thanks for sharing the information! I'm going to check the network out!


  5. Nicole! It is so wonderful to meet you. Your blog is s inspiring. I love salty things too! (Much over chocolate anyday!) :)

  6. I love salty things, too!! I definitely get cravings for some salty snacks ALL the time!

  7. Hello! I'm a homebody too. I just love being cozy and at home. Also.... amen to the salty things. Amen.

  8. Nicole, I loved getting to know you better! I hear ya, as soon as I walk in the door it's sweat pants and slippers for me! and maybe a couch and a blanket too, but who's counting!! Looking forward to getting to know you more!

  9. I love the sweet and salty combo the best, but Doritos don't last long in our house either! I can't wait to hear more from you in the forums!

  10. I am a definite homebody! Comfy clothes and a night on the couch for the win.

    I wrote crazy stories when I was in my teens, too, haha. I've decided to call it writers' growing pains.

  11. I love your pretty picture, and I'm so glad your voice is a part of this network.

  12. I'm such a homebody too. Comfy clothes + soft house shoes as soon as I get home...that's me.

    So great to know a little more about you!


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