Capture the Year: Week 28

I think that I'd define this week as a week of "sinking in..." After weeks of moving, traveling, moving, unpacking, etc, this week felt like the first week of really being settled into a new place and into a bit of a routine. This week, after much thought and praying about being present where I am (read the post about it here), I really felt such joy and to live freely and happily where I am. Such an answered prayer :)

Anyhoo, this week I...

  • Held hands in the car with my sweet hubby (love.him.)
  • Soaked up reading in bed (enjoying my Saturday mornings)
  • Had a coffee date (with myself) while I waited for the rain to stop
  • Enjoyed the days of sunny mornings and afternoon rain
  • Caught Mac sneaking on the bed (on more than one occasion!)
  • Spend time learning from the Word
  • Had my first ever massage--I was totally scared silly about it! I was worried that I would sit up and then throw up or pass out from all the toxins or something. Well, it didn't happen! All that worry for nothin'!
  • Planted Mr. Basil
  • Sewed Mac a new bed (aka two pillows stuffed into big duvet cover-thing)

How was your week?


  1. Found your blog somehow, thought I should let you know it's inspirational to read about your answered prayers and a happy life as I am just now getting in touch with God.


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