Little Miss Flores

I saw this little one at the thrift store and I fell in love with her curvy legs and little flowers.  After hauling Flores home, I discovered a wobbly leg, a little water damage, and a sticky drawer.  A lesson that I've been learning is that some pieces are worth the work to repair and fix, and some are not.  Flores probably was not, but I prettied her up anyway.  She found a new home yesterday and I hope she's enjoying it!

Here she was before her makeover--full of gold and cream delight!

Sorry for the dark picture!

And here Flores is now, prettied up with some layers of "oops" pink paint from Lowe's.

  • After looking at the before picture, I just realized that I have no idea where the original hardware went.  Strange...
  • I used some hardware that I had laying around (originally gaudy gold) and spray painted it white. Still wondering where that hardware might just see it appear on another piece in the future!
  • Since the drawers had a little water damage, I placed some fabric inside to help make it a little more fun and clean looking.  

Have a great week!  

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  1. I love your nightstand. I think you did a fabulous transformation. The drawer lining is a great touch. Oops paint is great~

  2. Ah, what a coat of white paint can do! It's darling with the lined drawers. I'm glad you found her a new home!


  3. Love the legs. Great transformation!

  4. I think Flores was totally worth it! Charming!

  5. you wouldn't even know there was any damage on the inside - the fabric is so fun!

  6. omigosh- that thing was pretty darn ugly before! it looks great! and i think i heard it say oh thank goodness!

  7. What a difference. The magic of paint does wonders! Looks great.

  8. What a pretty little sweet and dainty.

  9. Gorgeous! I just love the drawer liners!

  10. This is too cute! I love the oops pink and the fabric that you used in the drawers!


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