Dear Samuel: 9 Months

 (goodness, I adore that little smirk)


You really are a show off, aren't you? You've always had that determined spark in your eye, but we see that light grow bigger and bigger each day.

Nope. You wouldn't be content with crawling. Once you realized that you had two legs that would carry you places, you said, "Yep. I'm going to learn to walk."

And so you did. About two weeks ago, you took a few steps. And now you are walking like it's nobody's business. And I want to tell you to please stop, slow down, and for goodness sakes, do not become a toddler. This momma isn't ready for that ;)

(Luke insisted on being in the pictures with you)

This month you also broke in your first two teeth, discovered a love for exploring cabinets, and continue to like 99% of what we feed you. You also still like to put about 85% of what you find in your mouth, but now that you are walking, you seem to be a less interested in operation put-everything-in-the-mouth. Thank goodness!

We continue to see your feisty side flare up and know that we might have some challenging parenting moments in our future. But we also see your love of smiles, laughter, and being goofy--so we know there will be a lot of silly antics too. You definitely have a sweet spot for music and your favorite is the Star Wars theme (especially this version). If you are grumpy, I put that music on, and you are instantly a happy camper.

Samuel, you are such a sweet addition to our family, and I love watching you grow. I love the fiery ball of energy, determination, and fun you are.

I've told you this before (and I really do mean it)--but could you please sleep past 5/5:30? Pretty please?

But no matter what (even if you wake up at 5 for the rest of your life)

I Love you, cookie.


(ps. you actually turned 10 months yesterday--but you know--at least I'm trying to keep up!)


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