What's working (and what's not)

Goodness. It's been a bit since I've actually blogged about something other than Sam's monthly updates. I keep meaning to blog, but my time is more limited these days and often design work for Cultivate Co or Color + Kindness eats up that time.

But, the other day I was really thinking about what was working in my life and what wasn't working. Mainly, I was thinking about it because for the past few weeks, I haven't been going to bed at a decent hour. I've been toppling into bed between 10:30-11 and then waking up either in the middle of the night (thank you Sam) or super early (like 5 am...yikes!). I'm tired, but I with a little discipline on my part, I could be a lot less tired.

So, I've decided to set an alarm on my phone at 9:30 that basically says "Hey Nicole--stop what you are doing and start preparing for bed." I look forward to a little more quiet unwinding before bed instead of screen time or shop work. Sometimes it's really good to access what is working, what's not, and whether those things need to change or just simply get cut out.

I'll start with a few "wins" and what's working for me right now:

-- Simple preschool themes and activities with Luke. Since Luke is at the age when he needs more structure, this seems to be helping us have more quality time together plus adds some variety to our days. Every week I choose a theme/letter/sight word and then I head to Pinterest for some inspiration for art, reading, and STEM activities. We also choose books/movie/show that's related too. I keep it simple and doable. For example, we've done the farm, weather, the zoo, and construction. Here's my Pinterest board that I use--just in case you are interested :)

-- Reducing the toys that are out. One day, I just got fed up with all the little toys and odd and ends we had everywhere. So, I grabbed a few extra boxes and put away about 60-70% of the toys. We've rotated a few things out and it's helpful for keeping Luke's attention, and cleaning up is so much faster. I'd encourage anyone to do this if you feel overwhelmed by all the toys/stuff!

-- Online grocery shopping and pick-up with Walmart. I don't use it every week, but I have used it about every two weeks or so. I find that it helps me stick to our budget since you can see the total add up. Plus, I can't complain about grocery shopping in my cozy pants and then getting my groceries loaded for me :) If you want to try it and get $10 off, use the code RDF4NTAI.

-- LuLaRoe leggings. Best. Ever. Chat with my friend Holly if you need to hook up with a pair :)

-- Balancing work/designing for Cultivate Co and Color + Kindness (ps. I'm wondering if I've even mentioned this shop yet on the blog?) and being a mom. I feel like I've finally hit a good stride and rhythm. I really love having a place to stretch my creative muscles but also not be hustling so much that my kiddos get lost in the shuffle.

So, what's not working?

-- Going to bed on time. Like I mentioned, it's really a boundary and discipline that I need to better establish and keep. Of course, there are always days/nights that just don't pan out, but I know that I could generally get to bed a lot sooner than I am.

-- Time in the Word. It's sporadic and unfocused. With a baby waking up between 5-5:30 on most mornings, it's unrealistic to get up before my kids wake up right now--well, unless I want to be a zombie mom. But, I can easily plop my Bible open during breakfast with the kiddos or have some quiet time while one of them naps.

-- The election. It's just not working for me.

-- Keeping up with housework. Sam is SOOOOO mobile, and it's hard to do a lot when he's up and about. However, I need to keep a running list of small, bite-able tasks that I can do to keep up when he's snacking or napping. I don't need a house that's 100% clean and tidy, but you know, 50% would be good ;)

Those are a just a few things that are working/not-working for me right now. I'd love to know some things/habits that are working/not-working for you.
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  1. Your not working list sounds a bit like mine! It's hard getting in the Word and keeping the house clean these days. Hopefully, you and I will find better ways to get those things working!!


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