Dear Samuel: 8 Months


We've known from day one that you are one determined little guy, but this month, well, you've proved it. When you are awake, I spend my time chasing you down the hall (which you smirk and giggle away...because you know you are headed to the bathroom) and keeping you out of trouble.

Even though I try to keep you from falling, you do fall quite often. You are so curious and such an explorer, that if something looks like you can pull up on it, you give it a try. Sometimes, you topple over! So, you've got a nice scrap on your eye, a big bruise on your shin and cheek, and lots of little bumps. I have a feeling that stitches are in my future.

You are definitely noticing Luke a lot more these days and have begun playing with him more. You love to climb on him and try to eat his hair. He tolerates that for the most part, but he's still learning what he can and cannot do with you. He's still learning how to be extra kind and gentle with you. But, you seem to handle his rough housing pretty well--unless it involves Luke snatching a toy. However, he definitely loves you something fierce and always informs us if you put something in your mouth.

Sam, you are really are so much fun (even if you are a handful). We see so much big personality wrapped up in your little self. We see a little guy who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, who eats like it's a true baby sport (especially if it's pancakes!), and curiously approaches life and new experiences. Getting a new diaper on you is often a legitimate challenge--you often roll away, squirm out of a hold, or just plain throw a fit when you get changed. Feeding you at the speed at which you want to be fed is also a challenge--you may be a *tiny* bit demanding ;)

(and by the fact that 95% of the pictures I took have you eating that hoop, I think some teeth are in your future soon!)

And the best part of this month: you finally started sleeping through the night. Even though you still get up super early (like 5 am this morning), I'm so thankful that you don't wake up several times through the night. Go Sam!

You know what, Mr. Sammers? We love every ounce of your mischevious personality. And we can't wait to see more of who you are.

Love you,



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