Dear Samuel: 6 Months

Mr. Sam,

How are you already half a year old? Really--it feels like yesterday that they placed this adorable baby in my arms. And now, well, you are 20 pounds of squishy, happy goodness.

You are really starting to show off your determined and go-getter side. You are trying so hard to figure out how to move around. Right now, you can reach really well, and have pretty decent balance. Even when you do fall on your belly over and over, you keep trying. I have a feeling that when you start crawling, I won't be able to keep up with you. You are so busy! You are constantly moving--when you eat, when you sit, when you lay down, and when you play. I love seeing your tenacious spirit!

You are still digging solid foods and like 90% of what we give you. Even if you seem to not like it at first, you generally give it a few bites and end up actually liking it. We know you really don't like something because you make lots of spitting noises and scrunch your face up. Luke love to imitate you and inform us when you don't like food. We haven't tried much beyond purees because we want to take it slowly and make sure you are ready for more solid foods.

I'd like to report that you are sleeping through the night and not waking up so early, but unfortunately, you are not. You still wake up at least once a night and still often wake up before six. I guess we'll just have to be patient and wait for you to figure it out ;)

You still have that tuff of hair (I just can't bring myself to cut it!), still love smiling at people, and making you laugh is as easy as pie. Sometimes just making a silly face at you gets a giggle out of you. Although you are a happy guy, you still have your grumpy moments--like when you get scared of a loud or sudden noise, get a toy taken away (thanks to Luke), or don't get fed fast enough ;)

Sam, you're an absolutely joy to our family, and I'm so thankful that you are ours.

We love you!


ps. I'm actually writing this 2 days before you are 7 months old (second child problems!), but even if I'm a bit behind, I still want to capture you at this age :)


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