Dear Samuel: 5 Months

Dear Samuel,

What a busy boy you have been this month! Being the strong and determined baby that you are, you decided that sitting is where it's at. In seemingly days, you went from being a wobbly sitter to sitting up without any assistance. Now, you spend most of your waking hours sitting up, reaching for toys, exploring new textures with your hands, and watching Luke with focused curiosity.

You think sitting up by yourself is the best, but laying on your belly is still ridiculously not cool. In fact, after about 2 minutes on your belly you make it clear that you So, still working on that!

This month, we visited Minnesota to introduce you to lots of new family and friends. In classic Sam fashion, you charmed them with your chubby smile, bright blue eyes, and cheery disposition. Thankfully, you went with the flow and didn't seem to mind that your schedule was a bit wonky. Even though you didn't have the best airplane manners (for just a bit during each of the flights), you still exchanged smiles with many passengers and flight staff.

Not only did you start sitting up on your own and took your first airplane flight this month, you also started eating some solids. I was a little worried that you would hate eating because of your surgery, but I was wrong. So far, you like oatmeal, sweet potato, avocado, and banana. However, you gave your clear and strong disapproval for peaches and green peas.

(this face...ha!)

Mommy and daddy were hoping that starting solids would be the tipping point for helping you sleep through the night, but we were wrong. In fact, now that you started sleeping flat on your back for the first time (you graduated from the rock'n'play), you are waking up more often. So, kiddo, let's work on sleeping for more than three hours straight because that would really help us out. I know you'll adjust in your time, but we certainly hope it's soon!

Samuel, you are a breath of fresh air in our home and bring so much joy to our family. Your brother finally came to the conclusion that you really are pretty fantastic to have around--mostly because he realized he can boss you around a bit. He gets a kick out of playing with you, finding and taking away toys from you, and also comforting you when you have one of your "dramatic" moments. Because, really, you do get pretty dramatic at times--like if I walk away for too long or Luke grabs a toy from you.

We love that newborn tuff of air that still refuses to disappear and all 18 + lbs of you. We love your deep giggle and the way you stare at someone until they smile at you. And when they do flash you a smile, you smile such a big, gummy smile that I just want to eat you up!

We love you, Mr. Sam-the-Man. Keep being you.




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