Dear Luke on your Third Birthday

Today, you are three.

How can that I be?

Just a blink ago they placed you in my arms. Just a blink ago they said, "Here is your son!"

My son. My sweet, sweet boy.

I loved you when they placed you in my arms. But, I love you deeper now.

You were such a sweet and happy baby.

And quite chubby

But somehow we've zipped past the drooling, and chubby thighs, babbling, and toddling--and arrived here: toddlerhood.

Even now, you are shedding even your "toddlerness" and I see more and more of a growing boy. A boy who loves dirt like worms like dirt. A boy who is tender and wild in the same minute. A boy who is clever and creative. A boy who says "googd" instead of "good," "yogo" instead of "Yoda," and "capapipper" instead of "caterpillar." A boy who is bossy and persistent. A boy who loves his bedtime cuddles and kisses.

You certainly keep us on our toes as we navigate how to best love and teach you during your determined and difficult moments--because, you know, you are three and seem to have those moments a lot.

One of my favorite parts of you is your creativity and imagination--I love finding piles of leaves that you've collected for your dinosaur or towers being built on airplanes. Somedays, we have a roaring dinosaur stomping around the living room or diggers digging out dirt at a construction site in our front flower bed. You make cupcakes with play dough and letters with blocks.

You are the world's fastest "around the table" runner and the coolest dancer. You love your little brother--even if you still are trying to navigate what in the world just happened to your life and whether Sam is really here to stay.

Kiddo--you have the bluest eyes and the sweetest smile. You love to laugh and giggle--and you do it a lot. You have a thing for matchbox cars and tiny plastic dinosaurs. We read the same darn books during nap time and bedtime for weeks (until I hide them from you because I can literally not read them one.more.time)

You take baking seriously and eating even more so. Living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is your jam. However, eating hot dogs, mac + cheese, and yogurt for the rest of your life would probably also work for you ;) You've mastered the selfie and taking 4,000 pictures in two seconds on my phone. Recently, you also mastered the toilet (for the most part) and proudly wear your Star Wars underwear. There's always dirt in your fingernails and smudges on your face. You have approximately 300 silly faces and rotate them out daily. Your energy and persistence drives me batty somedays, but I still love those parts of you.

Luke, I absolutely love being your momma and watching you grow--and growing right alongside you. I'm glad your my first little guy. And whether you want to be or not--you always will be.



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