Baby, Baby, Baby

Right now, we are in full-on waiting-for-baby mode. After the last bits of Christmas were tucked away, we went head first into baby preparations (mostly because we had done absolutely nothing before Christmas!)

Clothes to wash, breathing rhythms to practice, garage clean-up, scrubbing bathrooms, organizing the nursery/boy's room, packing bags, chatting about names (he is currently still unnamed!), and trying to gather in bits of our own projects and fun stuff before life gets rearranged.

Although my house could still use a professional cleaning (I wish!), I feel like if baby boy arrived, we'd have at least the basics covered. A week ago--I would have felt scrambled and anxious. So, it feels good to have those big tasks finished and checked off the list.

As for me, I feel much more uncomfortable and sore than I did with Luke at this point--so, I'm trying my best to sneak in reading, rest, and naps between playtime, cleaning, and baby prep.

I'm also ready to ditch gestational diabetes (which has not always been fun, but it has been manageable) and eat without thinking about every item I put in my mouth or check my blood sugar 4x a day. And can I just say that I really really really just want to eat some good, carb-loaded pizza ;)

I'm also ready to fit into my shirts again--ha!

And my heart--well, I'm not sure what to expect. Somedays I feel so ready for another baby and a new member of the family. Other days, I want to keep everything the way it is. I keep remembering how hard and emotional (and weary) those newborn days are--and I am definitely dreading them a bit. Yet, I also remember how sweet and tender they are too--the baby breath, tiny hands, a bitty warm body snuggled up to your chest, the quiet of nighttime feedings, and lots of precious "ahh" and "oooh" moments.

So, for now, we wait. And soak up the last days of just the 3 of us. And perhaps actually decide on a name for him ;)


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