Odd and Ends

Almost every day, I think--goodness, I need to blog. I don't feel the need to blog to do just one.more.thing or to appeal to the masses that read my words (ha!) or to keep my stats up.

I blog simply to write about life and tuck some memories away in a tiny corner of cyberspace. So, here's to a post about everything and nothing ;)

First of all, I'm officially in my third trimester (32 weeks) and feeling every bit of it. I have hardly documented this pregnancy at all (oops!), but it's fun to look back and see what I was feeling with Luke during the same timeframe. This pregnancy has been different, but much the same as well.

The biggest difference with this pregnancy is that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (whomp whomp), but I'm thankful that I've gotten into a little routine that seems to keep my blood sugar numbers in a healthy range.

The downsides for me are all the extra thinking required to balance my meals and keep my carbs at the right amount. But, as time goes on, this is getting easier since I know what better works for me. Also, it's that time of year that is filled with yummy desserts and treats and most of them are off limits (apart from sneaking in a bite or two). So, that's not so cool. So long apple pie and Christmas cookies...

The upside: I've actually lost weight, so I'm hoping to not gain too much more for the next 8(ish) weeks. As much as I don't mind eating well, I often struggle with eating too much (even of the good stuff!). So, this has forced me to create some eating (and exercising!) habits that I hope will continue post-pregnancy :)

But beyond poking myself 4 times a day, I enjoyed having some sweet friends over and doing a little table prettying--nothing fancy :)

We've also enjoyed some cooler days, so exploring and walking with our wagon are a must along with some playtime at the park before it gets too dark. 

Last weekend, we zipped off to San Antonio with Josh's family to enjoy a quick escape. Despite a few challenging toddler moments, we watched a lovely show, ate yummy food, and had a cozy hotel stay (well, as cozy as a toddler snoring in your ear can be!) 

Life isn't fireworks and magic right now--it's a lot of day in and day out. But, as this month speeds by, I'm trying to soak in the days of steady rhythms, crisper air, and quiet days. My house may be messier, my to-do list shorter, and my energy level lower, but it's still good--and I'm grateful for that!

ps. there are some new Christmas prints listed in the shop--just in case you want to get a head-start on your Christmas decorating :)

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