Pretty & Practical Daily Chart (Free!)

Since one of my goals this month was to write a daily cleaning routine, I decided to create a simple and pretty chart with space to fill in daily cleaning tasks.

Maybe a pretty chart will make me stick to my schedule. We'll see, right?

I didn't label the chart, so I can also use this template for a daily exercise routine, to-do list, or even a menu plan.

Of course, I couldn't just make one design ;) You guys can also download and print them for absolutely free. I just ask that you don't resell them, copy the design, or claim them as yours. Feel free to print off as many copies as you'd like, pin them, or share the link with your friends.

Just click here to download all three. I hope you enjoy them!

Happy Monday :)

ps. if you want some other printables, be sure to stop by the shop. For a limited time, print bundles (and there are some new ones!) are listed for just $10.

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