$1, $1, $1

Have you ever looked at all your stuff and thought, "Goodness, I need to do an overhaul and simplify things?"

Recently, that same thought happened to me as I scrolled through all the items in the Nicole Joelle Print Shop. It just felt a little haphazard and busy for me.

Especially with new products coming in August and September, I decided that I wanted to simplify and cut down options in the shop. So, on July 31st, the shop will only include print bundles (sets of 4 prints) as well as poster printables. 

I think it will help clean up the shop's appearance as well as provide the change I need to accomplish some fresh ideas and goals that I have for the shop.

But before I take all the 8x10 individual printables off the virtual shelves, I wanted to give you the chance to stock up.

So, from the 28th-30th, 44 (yep 44!) printables are listed at just $1 each (no code needed). If you've had your eye on a design, this is the time to grab it. Click here to check out what's on sale :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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