Why Hello, June

Why hello, June.

It seems that between colds, ear infections, and general under-the-weatherness in our house, we've welcomed in June.

Life around here has been slower-paced and quieter than usual (perhaps that's why my blog has been without words for weeks), but it has still been very good despite some yucky sickness. Honestly, it feels good to slow down. I have been checking (and posting on) social media a lot less and also taking a little vacation from the shop (it's still running, but I'm not doing much promoting or designing right now). And you know what? I'm enjoying the bit of break from the online buzz. Guess what? I didn't even post goals for June--oops.

It's nice to focus on drinking up warm lemon water + honey (okay, maybe I wish I was enjoying more  sparkly summer drinks....darn cold) and resting (and watching too much Netflix. Ha!)

It's sweet to watch Luke + Josh spending time together. I love watching Luke's admiration for Josh grow; it's so fun to watch him try to be like his daddy.

It's lovely to have sunny and slow mornings.

Really, it's good to just be still--even though it's easy to resist and just wish I felt 100% again, I know that this rest and quiet is good.

It really is.

How is your June going?

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