Small Business Friday: Primavera Studio

I am excited to kick off a new periodic Q&A series on the blog where I "interview" a small/creative business owner. If you have a small business and want a chance to be featured, fill out this form--it helps me stay organized and it's super easy for you! 

Today, I asked on my new momma business friend, Erin, a few questions about her business, Primavera Studio. I loved hearing from her + think you will too!

Q: What prompted you to open a shop/start a business? Did you feel prepared when you opened shop?

A: I started out as a small blogger, dabbling in blog design on my own as a hobby. The year after we were married, I worked as an assistant for a friend who ran her own coaching business, making all sorts of marketing materials and social media campaigns among other admin work. She loved what I was making for her and pushed me to start my own graphic design business. I’m so thankful she did. I went to a few networking meetings with her, had no website, no business cards, no business name, had NO idea what my hourly rate was, but it sort of grew from there. Google was my best friend and honestly, just doing it is the greatest way to learn. 

Q: What is your favorite product/service item that you sell?

A: I absolutely love doing consults and full branding projects for creative businesses. Getting to hear the passion behind a business or blog idea and helping it come to life through visual branding is the best job I could ask for. I’m a firm believer that everyone’s got a story worth telling, whether through an official business or over a coffee date, and being a part of that feels really fulfilling. 
Also, the Encouragement Cards -- I have them out on my desk every single day.

Q: What motivates you to keep plugging forward and continue running your business?

A: I so desperately want our children to fearlessly pursue their God-given passions, be creative, and do something with their life that really fires them up. As the mama, I feel like it’s my job to not only create an environment that encourages that, but also model that in my own life. I want my daughter to remember her mom taking chances, doing what she loves, and being bold in the things God has put on her heart. 

Q: What would you tell a new shop owner about running a handmade/small business? What's your go-to business advice?

A: It’s okay not to get it right the first time. I wish I could capture all the versions of my blog and design business as it grew into what it is today because the journey has been long. There is rarely a true story of overnight success. The best thing you can do is just start – start with what you have and what you know. And be okay with changing things up as you better define what you’re about and how you want to do business. 

Q: How has motherhood changed the way you run or do business? 

A: Oh my! After welcoming our first daughter in December, I knew we had to change the way I got work done. For me, it’s important for both my daughter and my husband to feel like they get special, undivided, phone-free attention every day. So for us, keeping good boundaries between work time and family time is non-negotiable. I try and do most of my work during the day, which usually means I’m using naptime and downtime to get things done but that’s just the season we’re in right now and I’m so thankful to be able to do business and motherhood at the same time. 

Erin has graciously offered all you a 20% discount in her shop with the code NICOLEJOELLE20. I absolutely love this--so pretty and practical. And if you are interested in her design services, check out her website + zip her an email.

Happy Friday!
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