On Undocumenting Life

Appropriately, this post has zero photos ;)

Lately, my phone has been tucked in more than taken out. My Instagram feed is a little less busy. My photo stream on my phone hasn't been crammed with 1,000 photos of Luke playing in dirt.

On Father's Day, I didn't take one picture (oops).

But the less documented life is still as rich, as colorful, and perhaps more lived.

I notice I pay a little more attention to what Luke is playing than how I can get the best shot.

I realize it's nice not to check Instagram as often to see how many "likes" my most recently posted picture got.

I take more moments in internally instead of trying to capture them all with my iPhone.

It's not that documenting and pictures and feeds are wrong.

Absolutely not. I love having pictures of both special and simple moments. I love strolling through my feed and remembering or flipping through the photos on my computer.

But, you know what? It's also sweet to live a life a little more undocumented for a time.

It reminds me that my moments don't disappear from my memory if a photo or comment isn't attached. They are still there.

Vivid, fully, and undistractedly (is that a word?) lived.

How about you? Do you ever find yourself putting the phone down more often and not worrying about catching every moment? Or do find that difficult to do--worried that you will wish you would have gotten a picture?

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