Popsicles, Swings, and Mother's Day Magic

This year, I celebrated my 3rd Mother's Day as a momma.

It wasn't glamorous or frilly--but it was so good! It was full of rest, my husband's sweet gift of extra help and time, and just feeling loved and cared for.

Friday ushered in that feeling of anticipation for the weekend (and the feeling of a bit of stir-craziness!), so Luke got to the do the dishes with me :) I took some pictures to prove to him someday that, indeed, he does like to do the dishes ;)

Saturday was quiet, relaxed, and we filled with lots of family time. I finished up a painting for the living room and also snuck in some reading. We also decided to do an early Mother's Day celebration (to avoid crowds) as well as hit up the park with 1/2 off Fraps from Starbucks.

Sunday was breakfast in bed, church, naps, and more reading. Plus, an afternoon of fun in the sun with Luke and then some quiet while the boys went to the grocery store. The day ended with TV, take-out, and ice cream sandwiches while cozied up to Josh on the couch.

I purposely tried to put my phone away for most of the weekend and loved just being. 

As a mom, it's easy to feel the days melt into one another--the next one looking like the last. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and under appreciated. It's easy to think everyone else is doing it better.

But, the magical part of this Mother's Day for me was just seeing and knowing how incredible the gift of motherhood really, really is.

To look into my son's eyes (those beautiful blue eyes) and see joy.

To laugh with my husband at his silly faces and his goofy personality :)

To feel thankfulness beyond what I can express about the little life that God entrusted to us.

It really is magical.


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