Flour + Sugar + Memories

Last week, it was a rainy, rainy week. By Thursday, I was pretty grumbly about it and was tired of trying to think of fun toddler activities.

Coloring. Actually, Momma drawing 1,000 circles. Check.
Playing with trucks. Check times fifty.
Watching Little Einsteins. Check.
Playing with play dough and refereeing the play dough to mouth ratio. Check.
Stomping in the mud until bath time is necessary. Check and check.

So, I decided that chocolate + baking were in order. I know from past experience that baking with a toddler is nothing like my pre-baby baking days (which meant pretty music, a lit candle, and a warm cup of coffee with smudges of flour + sugar from my messy hands, and then watching a movie or reading while my masterpiece bubbled and baked).

Baking with a toddler is a little more...chaotic? Messy? Not relaxing? Did I say messy?

I let him help me with the first steps--mixing together the sugar, flour, and spices. But when the bowl started to fill up with measuring cups and spoons, it was time for me to take over the baking bowl (or who knows what would have been in the brownies?!)

I put together his own child-proof bowl full of cocoa, some chocolate chips (to sneak out), oatmeal, and flour. I pulled out more measuring cups and spoons and let him mix, pour, and (of course) make a mess.

There we were--creating side-by-side. Me--mixing and whipping together the brownies. And him--copying me, digging in the mixture for chocolate chips, and happily playing.

Sure, it was messy. Sure, I spent about fifteen minutes cleaning up after just his mess when we finished. Sure, he got cocoa powder on his feet and then climbed up onto our white couch before I noticed ;)

But it sure was sweet.

These are the "brownie" moments of motherhood for me: the ones that are a little messy--but sweet, cherished, and eaten up.


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