Luke turns Two

So, my momma heart just wants to stop all time and say, "Um, wait cannot grow up. I've heard it's impossible!" But, my blue-eyed boy is getting all grown up. And even though I miss many of those moments of bitty baby and "toddlerness," I am also loving watching him grow into his personality--one that is silly, playful, curious, sweet, and persistent :)

Last Monday (the 20th) our little guy turned two, and I can still hardly believe it. The day was pretty routine, but we tried to add a few fun birthday details to make it a little more special. I made and decorated a cake (I will make a disclaimer that it was pretty ridiculous-looking),  he opened up gifts, we got donuts, visited the trains at Barnes and Noble, went to the park, and had lots of fun with all his balloons. All in all, I'd say it was a sweet day of celebrating the little guy who changed our world :)

Here's a little recap--picture style :)

See some pretty adorable blowing-out-candleness here and here. You start to wonder if he'll ever get blow out that darn candle ;) 


  1. Yay, so fun! That last photo of him smiling with Josh is PRECIOUS. So sweet.


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