April Goals

We've been busy galavanting around Texas for the past few days (I'll recap the big 3-0 soon!), so this post is a wee bit late getting up! Oh well :) 

So, let's look at March's goals:

Design 5 new prints for the shop. Yep! New prints are in the shop! Go check them out :)

Mop kitchen + vacuum rugs at least once a week. Um. I think so?

Walk when the weather is nice. We did take walks, but definitely not each day the weather was nice. Hello pollen!

Do something fun + special for my birthday. Yes. Yes. And yes! I'll share more soon :) 

Paint pantry and kitchen garage door. Checked off the list!

Start Bible reading in the mornings. I've been doing this on the week days. It has been so good! I'm not always fully awake, but I do look forward to sipping coffee and steadying my heart before the day :) It's definitely not something that I'm stopping.

Now to April's goals:

Drink more water. I aim to drink at least 32 oz of water a day. I know that's less than the recommended amount, but it's better than 8 oz ;) 

Paint our front door. I have no idea exactly what color yet, but I'm thinking something pretty and light. We'll see!

Buy some new workout/comfy summer clothes. My athletic clothing options are pretty slim, so I look forward to grabbing some comfy shorts + teas. 

Celebrate Luke turning 2. I have a few ideas up my sleeve about this, but we want to do a few fun little things to celebrate him. I am thinking up a few birthday traditions that we may want to start up for him + the future kiddos who come along too.

Read two books. I have a few books on my nightstand that I'm excited to read--so just need to make it a priority! 

Plan a Sole Hope party. I'm not sure if I will host it or have it this month, but I at least want to get the ball rolling. I think it will be a fun way to enjoy time with friends and do something that benefits a pretty fantastic mission.

Uffda! That seems like a long list, but I think that a lot of things on that list are actually relaxing + fun things to look forward too! Do you have any goals for this month?

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