Dear Luke

Dear Luke,

I might have lost touch with blogging through your growth since you turned one. Ooops. So, today I want to tell you some things I hope I never forget as you grow up all big, and strong, and bold.

First of all, you crack me up everyday. And it always surprises me how much you love to ham it up. You make funny noises, crack yourself up (ALL the time), hop around, and give us lots and lots of remarkable and weird faces.

My favorite: when you just start laughing (like an old man at a comedy show) for absolutely no reason. Of course, Daddy and I just laugh too and then you just keep on going and going.

Speaking of Daddy, did you know that your new thing is calling him Josh? In fact, when I say "Let's go get Daddy!," you jump up and down excitedly and say "Josh!" You also wake up and ask for "Josh," and when Daddy is home, you always point to him and say "Josh."

You goofball.

You still don't say too much, but you are starting to say more. You love to say "truck" and then "ddduuaaaghck truck" ps. could you interpret that for me? You use it to describe fire trucks and dump trucks and you sound a little German when you say I'm still not quite sure what you mean ;) You also say "no" or "nope" and shake your head to pretty much everything--and in good Luke form, you think it's hysterical.  You also like to call each animal or thing by it's sound--a cow is a moo, a car is a vroom vroom, a dog is a woof, and so on. I think it's absolutely adorable :)

You know what else is adorable? How much you love to read! Especially if you find books about trains or trucks (or anything that moves), you plop yourself down in my lap and we read. Somedays, we'll read and read and read until you get distracted while going to fetch another book.

Other days, you are too busy stealing my phone and taking 200 pictures of your feet, the floor, and the top of your head to sit down and read. ps. next time you might want to think about deleting the evidence that you snuck away with my phone ;)

But, beyond taking hundreds of pictures, you especially love to brush your teeth, take baths, eat snacks, watch choo choos on TV, dance like nobody is watching, run away squealing, zoom around with trucks, play with your trains, blow and pop bubbles, and watch me make 100 balls with play dough. And of course--dirt.

Everyday, I see more and more of who you are. You are curious and sweet, stubborn and creative, careful but still crazy and silly. You like to lay on the ground, but not scream, if you aren't getting your way--and, like any almost two year old, you have more feisty moments too. You aren't super cuddly, but you do love hugs and giving kisses. I see a lot of tenderness and calmness in you :)

Luke, almost two Luke, I love seeing who you are growing into, and I'm so thankful for each, tiny part of you.

I love you,


  1. He is so adorable - it's so funny when kids call mom and/or dad by their first names! My kids do it too, and I'm always thinking "It's mom to you, kid!" :-)


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