Goodness, I shared about my trip to Haiti, but I haven't shared much about what we've been up to since Christmas.

The first part of January was pretty mellow, but we did enjoy some super nice weather and a short trip to Houston--which included a little hotel stay and a trip to the Children's Museum.

(he's so thrilled)

Mid-January, Luke and I traveled to Minnesota (then I took a short detour to Haiti) to spend time with family and friends.

Luke was spoiled rotten by his grandma and grandpa and also got to have lots of fun with his cousin Avery :)

After lots of sweet time with family and friends, we headed back Texas and to Josh (who was super ready to have us back!)

Since we've been back, it's been operation let's-finish-the-kitchen-- so now my kitchen pretty much looks like a wall threw up all over :( boo! But! Countertops go in this week and the upper cabinets too--then, it's just (just) the backsplash and small finishes. I've definitely learned to not expect anything to go quickly, but we do hope to have everything wrapped up by the end of March (we'll see!)

We also had a pretty relaxed Valentine's Day--filled with lots of kisses, snuggles, and thankfulness for all the ones we love :)

How has life been lately for you?
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