While the Kid is Napping

A few links to share while the little toddler sleeps (and snores!):

-- Have you joined in on the Garment Collective kickstarter yet? Have you heard of it? If not, you should definitely consider backing this exciting dream and ethical clothing line!

-- I've been painting a bit more lately, and there a few new prints in the shop that are created with one of my recent paintings--just in time for Valentine's day!

-- Tonight, I'll be watching the Bachelor (yes, I totally get sucked in!) and doing a little Instasale with some ready to ship prints from the shop (starting at 8pm central!)! So, be sure to follow me on Instagram so you get a chance to snag a print at a lower price!

-- Ack. We still haven't decided on countertops. We found a few good deals on granite, but I'm not totally sold on the options that are available in our price range. We don't want butcher block (I love the look, but we already have a lot of wood going on!), and quartz is definitely out of our price range. There are some laminate options (which really aren't that bad!) too. Any advice??

-- In a few short days, I'm headed to Minnesota to see family. Then, at about this time next week, I'll be getting ready to board a plane to Haiti (yes, Haiti!) to visit my sister at Children of the Promise. I'm so excited to go, but admittedly, a little bit nervous to leave Luke. The longest I've been away from him since he's been born was about 12 hours. Will you guys pray for a calm heart and safe travels??

-- Recently, this post encouraged me to not withhold my flame and this one gave me some practical creative advice. My biggest creative advice: turn off the TV. The less TV I watch the more creative and productive I am. How about you?

-- This past weekend we made this yummy tomato soup. It was so simple and good--however, next time I may blend it all together since I'm not a huge fan of the chunky tomatoes :)

-- I just ordered my first Chatbook--have you tried them? If you haven't, you can use the code: MAWH7ZRQ to get your first book free :)

-- Have you signed up for the Blog and Shop newsletter yet? I promise not to clog your inbox (expect one to two per month!), and there are freebies and exclusive discounts!

Happy Monday, friends!
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  1. I love the TV tip - so true! I leave the TV on too much. And O watch the Bachelor too. :-) I got sucked in when my husband was traveling a lot, and I've been watching it since, haha!


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