Throwback Thursday {House Edition}

It's been a while since I've done a house post--so here we go. For the first 5(ish) months that we lived in our house, the office was basically the landing ground for everything without a place. But, then, my mom came to visit, so had to get ourselves in gear and organize a bit :)

We bought a super vintage sleeper sofa, grabbed some of the extra furniture we had around, and called it a day. This room is basically the room of misfit furniture--but, it works :)

Ideally, I'd like this room to be more fun and playful--the jack trades of all rooms. It really needs to function as an office, guest room, and perhaps a little play space too.

Here's the before (this is the only picture I could find...)

And now:

What we've done:

  • Carpets out
  • Cleaned floors
  • Removed closet doors
  • Painted

This room definitely needs some life (yikes!). Since taking these pictures, we've moved in a rug (and that's about it!) But, I think putting up some art, adding some shelves/pictures, perhaps a slipcover for the couch, and putting up curtains will improve the space. We also might make the closet into a little built-in-desk area--something like this. 

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  1. It looks great so far. the removal of the carpet did wonders! haha (it was a terrible carpet) But yes pictures on the wall would make it look 100x better probably

  2. So fun! I love it and I particularly love your little end table by your couch!!!


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