Shop Vision for 2015

Last January, I opened the virtual doors of Nicole Joelle Print Shop. I had excitement and passion for my little shop--but was still finding my footing for the focus and vision of the shop.

Honestly, I just wanted to make enough to hop on a plane and go to the Influence Conference. I put forth effort, but the shop didn't really start pedaling forward until mid-August. By then, I realized that the money wouldn't be there to cover the expenses of my trip--and it was a bummer.

I felt a little betrayed by my big idea and felt silly for believing that it was possible. I felt like big things were happening for other people and wondering why they didn't happen to me. To tell you the truth, there was some real ugliness rubbing my heart raw--pride, envy, pity, name a few.

Since then, I've been encouraged by many supporters of my little shop and also by the words of many wise business-ladies. Most importantly, God has been working in my heart, and I feel expectant for things to come.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be a year of growth--not necessarily by numbers, but by learning and having a clearer focus.

So, as I head into this new year, I want to be transparent with the vision and purpose that I have for the Nicole Joelle Print Shop.

Here are 5 vision goals that I have for the shop:

1. Manage the finances and profits well so that the income from the shop goes towards paying off debt. We have a pretty chunk of change to pay off due to student loans--so every cent I can put towards debt gets us closer to being debt-free.

2. Use the shop as an avenue of giving. It's not about the amount--but the attitude. I want it to be a tool to bless and encourage others. I have some more tangible ideas for this--and am excited to define them and put them out there :)

3. Learn from others and be teachable. I want to grow in my creative skills as well as my business ones. I'm not the best at being teachable (okay, I'm pretty horrible at it!), so I'm praying that God helps me grow in this area :)

4. Be a better collaborator and cheerleader. This year, I want to do more collaborating with other like-minded businesses. Also, I want to be more intentional about cheering on other shops/businesses/people

5. Create designs that are encouraging and life-giving--not worry if they are the best or the loveliest around. If I'm too busy looking at what others are doing, I'll lose originality and shop personality in the process.

So, 2015--bring it! I look forward to all this is to come :)

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  1. It's so hard to get an online business off the ground. Kudos for sticking with it! Good luck!


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