Friday, January 2, 2015

January Goals

Goodness, December sure did whiz by me. And as much as I love Christmas-time, I'm also happy to see a fresh new year :)

Here were my December goals:

Read a fun novel. Nope. Started it, but didn't finish. I think the books I chose weren't so exciting...

Try to do one Christmas-related family activity each week. I think so :)

Invite people over. Did this--but I want to do this more :) 

Mail in the ThredUp bag. Done and done.

Now, for January goals :) This month, I'm spending about half the month away from home, so it's pretty low-key for me when it comes to goal setting. 

Here we go:

Make some freezer meals for Josh. Josh will be bacheloring it up while Luke and I are in Minnesota with family--so, it would be nice to make some easy and quick meals for him.

Learn some basic Creole words/phrases. ps. I'm going to Haiti to visit my sister for a few days this month, so I want to know a few simple things to say. I'm so excited about this trip! 

Decide on countertops. So, we still don't have countertops because we are saving up just a bit more (just in case) as well as still deciding. But, I want to have a plan before I head up north. 

Finish our pantry. We have it about 40% done, and we want to finish it before I leave. It's definitely doable--we just need to make it a priority :)

How about you? What are your goals for January?

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  1. Great job with your December goals and finishing your year strong. How exciting that you are going to Haiti this month!