Life Lately

So, it's been a bit since I've shared some peeks into daily life. So, it's about that time again where I plaster pictures on a post as a little visual memory-keeper of our life.

We've had lots of outside time (and kisses...well, trying to give kisses!)

Christmas jammies are here!

Fresh flowers + hammers + kid stuff is what is always cluttering our table

Making cookies!

Thanksgiving + stripes 

Finally! A working sink (the happy dance is still happening!)

On a hunt for a tree!

He's excited. As always ;)

My mom came to visit for a few days! Luke loved having his grandma in town :) 

We did too...grandma-in-town equals lots of fun with family and dates for us ;)

We went to a local Christmas event and, of course, Luke's favorite part was the petting zoo.

hello, there.

Um, does it get much sweeter :)

Luke loved kettle corn and dancing to the music!

Popcorn is a good pick-me-up for a little boy who woke up a bit on the wrong side of the crib ;)

If you need some big impact pieces, be sure to check out the shop. I haven't gone too crazy with Christmas decor this year--so I love how much impact this print makes with so little effort!

Happy Tuesday!

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