December Goals

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Let's start with November goals:

No "I am fat" talk. Did this. I actually have a bit to say about this one--so I'm planning on sharing more in another post.

Read at least one fun novel. Nope. I picked one up but couldn't get into it. 

Get the guest room/office ready for visitors. Done. Finally :) It was so fun having my mom as our first visitor!

Blog at least twice a week. I think so? I at least felt like I had a much better groove this month :)

Now, onto December's goals:

Read a fun novel. This season is a good season to slow down and spend some time not fussing in all the rush and stuff of Christmas-time. For me, reading is a good excuse to stop and be still for a bit. Any good recommendations?

Try to do one Christmas-related family activity each week. We have a few ideas for making this season not just about presents and cookies--but about being present and making cookies ;) We want to be intentional during this time of year--which isn't always easy!

Invite people over. It could be a Sunday lunch or playdate--I'm not sure. But, I want to be more intentional in this area as well--so, I think I need to make it a priority. 

Mail in the ThredUp bag. I've had it in our closet for about month. It's time to move it the 100 feet from the closet to the front door ;) 

What are some of your goals for this month?

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  1. LOVE that you did a "no fat talk" with yourself! I can't wait to read your thoughts - it is so powerful. I faciliatated a girls group for several years and one of the activities (and challenges) that we kept while we met once a week was no disparaging talk at all - and when someone did insult themselves they had to come up with five positives for themselves to make up for it. It really helps retrain your brain.

  2. Nicole, I am stopping over from The Tiny Twig. I loved reading your goals and resonated with many of them. In November I did a project a week with my 5 year old on gratitude, I was really grateful for the goal, it helped focus us. This year we are adventuring out each week to do something Christmasy. Looking forward to hearing how it all went. Best, Liza


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