While {I think} the Toddler is Sleeping

Luke does this new thing.

I call it the power nap while we drive for five minutes down the road. He usually powers up between 11-12, so I try to avoid driving during this time.

It seems that once he's up from his five-minute power nap, he decides that his tiny nap was definitely an equivalent for his 2 hour afternoon nap.

So, I usually keep him up a bit longer than usual in hopes that he'll nap. Generally, he still naps, but it takes a good bit of bouncing and chatting before he's actually napping. And as I write this, I *think* that he's on his last bit of "power nap" charge and is ready for a real nap.

Enough about naps because I feel like I could also grab one right now :)

Here are a few links I want to share with you:

-- Have you heard of The Bouqs? Um. Please? Josh are you reading this? Especially with our dining table put up, I'm always up for sprucing it up with some fresh flowers :)

-- Today, this is in the crockpot and it's probably the fourth time I've made it. It's yummy in all the right ways--so if you are looking for something new, you should try it! It's perfect for a cold, chilly day :) I also recently made this bread (well, muffins!)--so good!

-- Josh and I are pretty much addicted to the Serial Podcast. Can it please be Thursday already? I'm super curious about the next episode :)

-- I added some new prints to the shop, but you'll love this one if you are into deer, Spanish, and rustic decor ;) ps. it's likely that a poster version will be headed to the shop soon. Just sayin'

-- I love what the Nester has to say about taking risks. I'm not a big risk-taker, so her post was definitely encouraging.

-- Now that's a bit cooler, I think this hat would definitely look adorable on Luke--if only he would keep an object on his head ;)

What have you been reading lately that's been inspiring, convicting, fun, or delicious?

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