Where'd you go, October?

I was so busy writing for 31 days that I didn't blog about much that was actually going on in our lives.

So I'm going to overload this post with photos so that I have evidence that we actually did something in October ;)

Because October really was a full month--full of house projects (finishing the dining/kitchen floor!), pumpkins, Halloween, and lots of other fun in the middle.

There was a lot of tiling...days and weeks of it...

Luke turned 18 months--what?

I learned how to grout :)

Love my post-bath snuggly boy!

We celebrated 6 years of marriage :) 

Lots and lots of playing outside since it's been so lovely

The pumpkin patch!

My pumpkin was more interested in exploring than taking a picture with his momma ;)

love them. 

We also painted pumpkins (and ate some paint too...oops.)

Luke dressed up as a handyman for Halloween since he loves playing with tools. Such an easy and simple costume :)

There have been lots of days with the front door open--I can't complain :)

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