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I'm kinda a stickler about starting Christmas festivities after I've stuffed myself with turkey and everything pumpkin spice.

But, I wanted to share a few of the Christmas prints that are in the shop. However, iff you aren't in the Christmas mood you can still grab a number of Thanksgiving-themed prints. You could even use this or this print with the white background and scribble all the reasons why you are thankful in the margin. Could be a fun way to celebrate and decorate :)

Also, I wanted to share that all prints are now available as printables. I had a number of prints available as hard copies only, but I decided to go back to offering all prints as instant downloads.

One super great advantage of getting an instant download is that you can buy it once and print multiple copies to give as gifts this holiday season. Generally, it's not a huge expense to get them professionally printed :) If you need some pointers for how to get it done, just ask me!

However! If you don't want the fuss of downloading and printing it yourself, just get the upgrade, and I'll ship you any print from the shop! Win. Win. I also added super affordable bundle options if you want to do some Christmas shopping :)

Now, onto the Christmas prints! First of all, I am really enjoying the big impact prints (which can also be printed smaller if you'd rather have less space impact!). I am looking forward to putting up a few of them in our home when we decorate for Christmas (you know, after the pumpkin pie plate is scraped clean).

Luke helped me out with the photoshoot, and I'd have to say he made a pretty good helper!

I tried to keep the designs simple and pretty.

Since the do justice map print is one of the shop's most popular prints, I created a "Joy to World" version for Christmas.

It's definitely one of my favorites :)

Can you tell?

There's a number of other happy + simple Christmas designs--just check out the Celebrations + Holidays shop section to see them all.

Also, if you don't follow me yet on Instagram (@nicolejoelle) you may want to because I'll be sharing shop sales and sneak peeks on my feed :)

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