Throwback Thursday: House Edition

Today, I'm sharing the current state of our living room. We spend lots of time in this room, and I adore it--especially because it has light!

When we moved in, there was no light in the room (who has a living room with lights?) and the windows were covered with window tinting. You know what that equals? Dark and dreary.

Here's what it looked like? Can you even see it?

Now, it looks like this:

(The "Be Thankful" print is new in the shop)

What we've done:

  • installed LED recessed lighting (best decision ever!)
  • peeled off window tinting
  • installed blinds
  • hung curtains
  • painted the walls Behr Silver Drop (totally love the color!)
  • ripped out the carpet and staples

I am still looking to replace or recover that darn red chair (it is just too spunky for me right now), but I am loving the "bones" of this room. It needs stuff on the wall and some furniture rehab (although I don't like matchy-matchy furniture, I also don't like when it's not cohesive). So, definitely some things left to do--but I think it's good to give it time to evolve and come together; I'm not in a rush :)

See other Throwback Thursday posts here. And also (shameless plug) there are some new Thanksgiving(ish) prints in the shop.

I'm loving the simplicity and non-orangeness of them ;) Happy Thursday!!
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  1. It looks so great!! I super-love those curtains!

  2. Love it! I wish my living room was as light and airy....hmmm...I think I feel a project coming on!


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