October Goals

Can I start by telling you that our refrigerator is in our little living room? Our microwave is in the master half-bath, and the coffee maker is in our main bathroom.

We have food in the cooler, stuff everywhere, and a floor half-finished in the kitchen. We've been working with a halfway (or not even) usable kitchen for about 7 weeks, and it is definitely getting old. That said, we are pushing through this week (and probably the next) to get the floor done as well as things a little more put together. So, I'm keeping this month's goals small because I know a lot of my time will be invested in finishing up the kitchen project.

First, how was September? Let's take a look.

No fast food. We hit 98% with this goal. I ate at McDonalds once because we were stranded in Walmart until our car battery got replaced, but otherwise, that's it!

Finish Christmas prints for the shop. I did do some thanksgiving-related prints, but the Christmas ones are still under way. Next week, I'll finish them up and hopefully get them listed :)

Get started on my capsule wardrobe project. Not at all. Oh well. With all this kitchen stuff going on, we don't have the extra money for me to go dancing through the mall and spending big chunks of money on clothing. So, maybe in a few months I'll revisit this. 

Organize my computer files. Done. It's already looking busy again, but I did do it :) 

Create daily goals list. I didn't do this, really. I pretty much forgot about this. Haha!

Now for October:

Write my 31 Days of Believing Beautiful series. People, I'm so excited about this series. I've already started writing some bits and pieces, and so much of it is just speaking truth into my life and heart. I'm excited to share more about all of that with you guys :) 

Do ab/Core strength exercises each day. Even though Luke was born practically a year and a half ago, my abs still haven't recovered from pregnancy. So, I decided that a month of daily, focused (after baby-friendly) ab work is doable and will hopefully strengthen everything back up :) 

That's it. Two daily goals. I have a lot of other goals too, but they aren't necessarily do-these-now goals. So, since this month is already crazy, I'm just putting these two on the list :) 

What are your goals?
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  1. Hope you get your flooring finished up soon! That would be so hard to deal with- especially with a mobile babe. Looking forward to the series!


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