Simple Words

Today, I have a simple encouragement for you. Really, some words I want to speak to myself :)

Don't let comparison stop creativity.

Don't let discouragement rob you of seeing the gifts you've been given.

Don't let a grumpy morning determine the course of your day.

Don't look at your body with shame and decide that it can never change.

Don't believe that you are not enough.


Be creative without worrying about whether people will think that you are not creative enough.

Let yourself love freely (and be loved freely) and hope abundantly (because we have a living hope and freedom in Christ!)

Let yourself start over even if it is only 8 am.

Know that your body is a gift, and it was perfectly formed. Be kind to it.

Remember that you were created with purpose and for a purpose.

Happy Tuesday! ps. did you know that all the hard copy prints now ship for free???

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  1. This post seriously made me tear up! I guess it was what I needed to hear today. Thank you for being an encourager!

  2. I love the world map!! I want to do a map/adventure theme for my new baby's room, and I'm going to put that one up!! Awesome!


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