Let's Build a Table, And Paint, And Peel, and Have Fun too!

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So, life was just hitting that "wow, we aren't crazy people running around and doing tons of stuff" and "hey, look, there aren't 34 boxes laying around" stage after moving twice and doing a lot of work in the new place in the last two months.

And then. Whoosh.

Well, let's build a table.

Let's go buy cabinets and put them in (kinda...still working on that!)

Let's peel the painted over wallpaper in our bathroom (this project is the still.going.on.)

Let's paint the hallway.

And then suddenly, our house looks like this (hold me...):

Now, we do dishes like this:

But, aside from way too many things going on with the house, we've been enjoying Friday nights downtown, playing with fingerprints in the bathtub, finally putting on the pretty white slipcover and enjoying sunny mornings, peeking at sleeping babies, trips to the park in the morning, and lots of momma + kid selfies ;)

How has life been for you lately?


  1. Oh, I have been there! Homeownership can be tough (especially with a toddler). Hang in there, Nicole!

  2. We just unpacked our last box. Luckily, we're in a rental, so I can tamp down those home reno feelings that build once you're in a new place! Love to see your boy grow!


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