August Goals

So, let's just say that July wasn't the best month for getting my goals finished. I could blame the crazy arrival of Mac back at our house (which actually did throw us off a bit!), but I think that summer just feels less structured. For me, it's hard to get stuff done when life feels a bit scattered!

But, let's take a look at July's goals and see what did and didn't happen :)

Make a house project list. Kinda did this. I wrote it down, but I'd like to actually type it up and put it somewhere.

Take time to really evaluate the print shop. Did this. I decided to go big or go home. I was hesitant to offer hard copy prints because of the extra shipping + printing process. But now that life has settled a bit and the PO is a walk away (plus, I got lots of cute shipping supplies!), I felt excited to launch this new aspect of the shop.

Read two books. I read one, but I've started another one. So, you know ;) 

Go on a baby-free date with Josh. Did not do this. Yikes! It's hard finding a sitter, but I honestly didn't try too hard. I really need to find a reliable sitter :) 

Outline a super secret idea and see about making it happen. I didn't really take the time to do this (I kinda forgot!) I think right now, as much as I like the idea, it needs to simmer on the back burner for a bit. 

Here are August's goals (since I'm spending the latter half of the month in Minnesota, and we are also starting to work on our kitchen, I'm keeping it simple):

Paint hallway and main bath. It just needs to get done. It won't take too much time, but I just need to grab the paint and go for it. However, I need to remove painted over wallpaper in the bathroom--which will not be fun!

Enjoy a date (or two) with Josh. We will do this this month. It will probably be while we are in Minnesota, but I still think that counts :)

Do 10 minutes of Pilates/Yoga/Walking per day. This is very doable. It's not a lot of exercise, but it still matters. 

Organize my computer files on my desktop. I know this won't take much time, but I need to do it. My desktop looks like a digital tornado zipped through my files and scattered them everywhere. I think my super-detailed engineering hubby dies a little each time he sees my desktop ;) 

Make/Find a list of fun toddler activities and keep that list handy. I'm finding that Luke needs more new things to do, and I am struggling to find creative activities for 15 month old. But, I know that there are lots of activities out there! So, I'm excited to find some new things for him, and I think it will be fun for both of us! Once we do a few, I also want to write up a post about them (let's see if that motivates me!)

That's it. Simple. Simple.

ps. next week I'm launching out some new prints in the shop. But, a few will be listed for a pre-sale (for a reduced price) on my Instagram account later today! Follow @nicolejoelle to get a sneak peek :) 

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  1. your prints are beautiful! shipping made me the most nervous when starting my etsy shop. It gets easier each time! my computer desktop is not organized, at all either...

  2. Date nights are absolutely a must to plan, especially with a little one! :)

  3. I love your "simple" goals. :)

    Also, I'm excited to check out your beautiful shop. :)

  4. Popping over from the series and I love this list! Even though some of them definitely sound like hard work, there's not a million of them....which is my tendency. Beautiful shop and happy wishes for a great August. :)

    1. I'm Happy Little Lovelies over there but my sign in to comment is different. :/

  5. Yay, congrats on deciding to offer printed pieces! Loving your designs. I hope to one day expand my shop by offering printed pieces as well.


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