While the Kid is Napping {some links and such}

Luke is snoozing, so I'm sneaking in a quick post about some things that have caught my eye on the great, big internet lately:

It's hard to remember my busy boy as that chunky burrito baby! How was this Luke just a year ago? 

First of all, in case you missed it, you can now grab a hard copy of some of the prints from the shop. I'm having fun thinking of cute ways dress up the packages and excited to see what happens with the shop :)

In other news, our gas has been turned off for the past 3 days (no hot showers, oven, or stove...no fun, either!) because we forgot to call them to hook it up when we moved. Oops. But, due to only having the microwave to make meals, I discovered this recipe for cooking rice in the microwave. So easy! And now I'm pretty much never going to cook rice in a pot again.

I found this article about parenting in Ireland an interesting read.

Especially now that I feel a tiny (just a tiny...ha!) bit overwhelmed by figuring out how to really dig in and make our home "us" with a small budget and lots of ideas, this post was a refreshing read. I also enjoyed this post about using your home to bless not to impress--such a good reminder :)

This recipe was a perfect dish for summer (so good!)--it wasn't super quick, but I did double it for lots of yummy leftovers!

Everyone's been talking about this book, and I definitely have it added to my booklist :)

Aren't these illustrations just lovely? Makes me want to learn how to improve my watercolor skills :)

Happy Friday!

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